Curvos Magnum Box

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/19/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Vinho verde is a special Portuguese wine that tastes light and fresh. It’s referred to as a young wine because it is bottled three to six months after harvest—much sooner than other types of vino. M&A Creative Agency designed the packaging for Curvos, including the box that acts as an extension of the labels on each bottle.

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“Quinta de Curvos is an enchanted place where wines full of flavors are produced. This is reflected in Curvos wine range with eight nectars from different grape varieties. Three of them—Loureiro, Avesso and Alvarinho—are produced in 1.5L magnum bottle, resulting the idea to create a common premium packaging which can be associate to the label design already created by M&A Creative Agency.”

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“Each label has its own story, inspired by the most significant attractions and details of the estate. The packaging is an extension of these labels resulting in a single neutral tone pattern, chosen to match the three different colors of the labels. In a selective market position, this packaging reflects the elegance and quality of ‘vinho verde.’ The design inspired by the natural patrimony, unifies communication between the labels and the wine box.”

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The labels and box for Curvos emphasizes the unique flavor of vinho verde, giving it a light and refreshing appearance. A crisp white background along with meticulously drawn designs indicate that this is a wine with a vibrant taste. Each variety has its own design that seem to show a little bit of the environment where the grapes are grown. Shining foil details adds to this and also elevates the brand, making it a more premium wine choice.

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Designed by M&A Creative Agency

Country: Portugal

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