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World, Meet Joy

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/08/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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To you, it’s a mop. Or maybe it’s just a pillow, a bunch of hangers, or an air purifier. But to Joy Mangano, it’s endless possibility.

Unless you tune in regularly to channels like QVC and HSN, you may not realize that Mangano is the Joy from the recently released film starring Jennifer Lawrence and directed by David O. Russell. Mangano is the inventor of the Memory Cloud Pillow, Huggable Hangers, My Little Steamer, as well as other helpful home products – most notably, of course, the Miracle Mop, of which she sold over 250,000 earlier this week on a HSN marathon. Considering all of that, plus a movie inspired by her life, and you might think that at 59 years old she’s ready to slow down. Well, think again.

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Instead of riding out this wave of success, Mangano has teamed with Beardwood&Co. for rebranding and expanding her entire line for its release this month in stores like Target, Macy’s, The Container Store, and Bed Bath & Beyond. That’s right, products like the Better Beauty Case and Forever Fragrant air purifier are moving from your television screen to the shelves of the stores you know and love.

To transition from channel 24 to aisle 24, the focus was on translating Mangano’s message into an entirely new brand strategy, logo, identity, and packaging. After all, when Mangano makes appearances on HSN and QVC, people are buying her products but they’re also buying her – her personality and her story. Consumers will now have the opportunity to hold these products in their own two hands before making a purchase, but they’re losing the chance for Joy Mangano to take them on a journey, explaining the features and benefits of each item.

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This is where Beardwood&Co. steps in. Agency founder Julia Beardwood mentions, "[We wanted] everything to emanate from Joy's natural passion and enthusiasm for invention – which is profoundly contagious. In every ounce of the brand, we endeavored to embody that passion as well as the notion that Joy draws insights from real life and applies new technologies to create smart and stylish products that serve a purpose."

Mangano also enlisted the help of Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners to create this 60-second spot to help introduce the the world to a Joy that is effortlessly fun and playfully efficient.

Beardwood adds, “Authenticity is one of the most overused words in branding, but authenticity is what Joy has that makes her stand out.  She's an inventor – a rare female inventor role model for young women and girls to look up to. And she's completely dedicated to making life better by making smart products with a purpose.”

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