Featured image for CES 2016: What's new in tech product packaging: Part one

CES 2016: What's new in tech product packaging: Part one

by Dieline Author on 01/08/2016 | 5 Minute Read

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From the floor at CES, see what's new with tech product and packaging!

Scosche: Magic Mount

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This packaging is smart! Why? Because magnets are expensive but Scosche cleverly used their product (which is magnetic) as the device latch for their packaging. The product itself is a car mounting system that uses magnets to attach your smart phone to your cars dashboard. In the packaging it utilizes the same principle to give the open experience a premium feel by using the products main purpose in a functional way.


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I love products that change the status quo. In the world of tech accessories it’s a sea of black products in relatively conservative product packaging. In most retail branding, keeping your retail presentation consistent is seen as a smart move but in order to stand out amongst the competition BUQU chose a very different path. They decided to "zag" where the competition was “zigging” by defying all of the conventional rules of packaging design by making every sku a completely different design. While keeping the underlying graphic structure consistent they we able to virtually change every other aspect of the look in terms of colors and patterns to achieve a fresh new look. Through this lack of consistency they have achieve a look that holds together as a cohesive line. Very unconventional but it works.

Otter box

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Smart phone case packaging has gone through its fair share of iterations but just when you thought that the well had run dry Otter Box discovered a realization that is fairly astounding in terms of its simplicity. Your not protecting your phone from the outside elements as much as you’re protecting them from the stuff in your pockets! For instance, a hand bag can be a very dangerous place for your phone and this packaging nails this concept by depicting their cases inside of that situation.


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Lander, a new purveyor of outdoor tech accessories for the true outdoors “men”, has created a line of product that really understands its customer. Not only is the packaging made of green materials but the concept behind the product design is totally “in-tune” with this target customer. For example, unlike other product makers that see big and bulky as “outdoor” Landor understands that when going out into the wild you want minimalist and utilitarian products that are light and easy to pack. The object after all is to get away from the clutter of life. They also understand that waste is not something that will resonate with their demographic so they given their packaging a “second life" after the product has been taken out for use. So, after your have released your smart phone case from the product packaging you can then reuse the packaging for carrying whatever you might need along your journey

By: Jamie Capozzi - Theory Associates