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Yellow is the lightest and brightest color on the Basic Color Wheel. Usually associated with positivity and hope, the color yellow can be found not only in nature but used in media such as Sponge Bob or Tour de France winner’s jersey.  This week we take a closer look at some of the latest branding and packaging designs with this very color.


Naughty new rice pudding brand stirs up the chilled dessert aisleRice pudding is back. Naughty But Rice™, a new brand launched by The Hain Daniels Group, aims to introduce pudding lovers to a bold new approach to a traditional favorite. Rice pudding is rising in popularity, and to coincide with the trend, The Hain Daniels Group has launched Naughty But Rice, a vibrant new brand with a bit of a twist. The clue’s in the name. Naughty But Rice brings pudding lovers all the heart and soul of traditional rice pudding with a deliciously contemporary edge. 



Simple and striking, this new cheese packaging does away with images of cow pastures and barns with a totally different approach. Using distinct lines and blocks of color, Karat cheese mixes retro inspiration with a modern and clean approach.

“Moscow factory processed cheese ‘Karat’ and for the first time in its 81-year history, the company held a large-scale rebranding and redesign of its products, which is familiar to every Russian. For updated corporate brand and packaging throughout the product line, Karat hired agency Depot WPF. The new version of ‘Karat’ abandoned Soviet-style soft cheeses - the usual globe, sweeping the letters ‘Friendship,’ retaining only the recognizable color code - red-yellow for ‘Friendship,’ blue and yellow for ‘Waves,’ turquoise and yellow for ‘Amber.’”



Sake is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages produced, dating back beyond recorded history. There is an art to making Sake and over the years many breweries have perfected the practice. Billy Melnyk is a new producer and has spent 12 years of his life working with Bacardi and Grey Goose before venturing out to develop a premium sake that would remain authentic to the heritage while appealing more to a western market.



Eggs can be a tricky item to brand but Robot Food have cracked it. Their vibrant new identity for The Crackin’ Egg Co. positions this bright new snack sensation to appeal to everyone from hungry kids to gym-going protein lovers. The Cheshire-based Crackin’ Egg Co. (named by Robot Food) were bringing hardboiled, ready-to-eat eggs to market. Although big in Europe, this was going to be a UK first. The eggs would also have a 100% natural, protective coating to keep them fresh for a month. 



Idem Design has created new packaging for Semolificio Loiudice durum wheat flour. Semolificio Loiudice in an ancient durum wheat miller and baker producing flour, active on the Italian territory. The tradition of packaging flour in a paper sack remains the same but the use of a bright yellow and blue as the colorway adds modern appeal to the brand.

"For Semolificio Loiudice, we redesigned the brand logo and designed the durum wheat pack. We thought about two different color variations to differentiate the classic durum wheat flour, for fresh pasta, from the durum wheat semolina, for bread. The audience we refer to ismodern woman who cares about her family health and nutrition. The result in an eye-catcher, simple and unique graphical design."



It's not every day you run into a cereal like this one who appeals both to adults and children. Designed by BrandHouse Design, granola appears to be exploding out of breakfast bowls. By combining traditional cereal bowls with playful illustrations, a unique design was created that helped communicate the brand's message and allow Eldorado to stand out on supermarket shelves. 

"Launching their new line of cereals Eldorado owners wanted to communicate the quality of each product within the line, which consists of sweet and healthy products for both children and adults."



To kick off the 2015 holiday season, Chandon gave ButterflyCannon the opportunity to give their Blanc de Noirs sparkling wine a fresh, festive and shareable new look, that was perfect for parties, gatherings or even nights in with ‘besties.’

The bottle is wrapped in a shrink sleeve showcasing a series of playfully festive messages in the same contemporary tone of voice as Chandon’s female millennial consumers. Wrapping seamlessly round the bottle and designed to invite and maximise the opportunities for sharing on social media platforms, these messages reflect the fun, spontaneous spirit of the brand and its 2015 festive communication platform, #BestieWishes.



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