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Alo Stockfish

by Elizabeth Freeman on 02/01/2016 | 5 Minute Read

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Kind has developed a name and identity for Alo, an innovative and modern newcomer in the traditional seafood segment.The name Alo is inspired by the old Norwegian expression 'Alo', which refers to the noise made by seagulls and people out on the fishing grounds, particularly during fishing in the old days. Alo wants to breathe new life into old methods and traditions relating to the processing of Norwegian seafood.

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Alo Stockfish is part of Innomarin, a young company, but with roots dating back to the rich fisheries and processing traditions along the Norwegian coast and in Arctic waters. Alo's products reflect the company's values, which focus on sustainability, quality, traditions, natural tastes and innovation. Alo's production facility is at Stadlandet in Norway, at a local family enterprise with long traditions that prides itself on producing first-class natural snacks made from dried fish.

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Alo – dried fish snacks – are produced from first-class fillets that stem from sustainable fisheries. The fish are filleted on board the fishing boats, using methods that ensure that their culinary properties and good natural flavour remain intact. Upon delivery, each individual fillet is manually checked before being prepared for drying. In order to ensure as good a product as possible, the drying process has been moved to a modern drier in a controlled environment that results in an even and optimal drying process. After drying, the fillets are 'gently' pounded. This is important in order to preserve as much as possible of the good flavour 'inside' each fillet. 

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'From day one, our vision has been to revitalise and promote good, traditional seafood products so that they can gain the place they deserve in the market. The products are intended to represent good quality and traditions so that they justify their position and price in the market. In order to achieve this, it is necessary, in addition to ensuring that the product is of high quality, to have a strong focus on brand building and good design. Its profile and design must stand out from the competition and appeal to the primary target group, while at the same time capturing the interest of potential new customers. 

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Kind has accepted this challenge, and the results are excellent. We now have a modern profile and design that clearly stands out, at the same time as it emphasises our products' historical roots. Kind works in a proactive, positive and creative way that really appeals to us. Kind's positive attitude and good humoured staff make them easy to cooperate with, and we look forward to further developing our concept together with Kind. '

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