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CLEAN Reserve Fragrances

by Traci Gibbs on 02/01/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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The philosophy behind the fragrance brand CLEAN is simple: a conscious commitment to produce high-quality scents using pure and sustainable ingredients. For their latest products, CLEAN RESERVE, Global Marketing Director Greta Fitz worked closely with in-house graphic designer, David Held to work on a packaging that took inspiration from the Scandinavian design and the “Hygge”, a design sensibility that brings nature into the homes and celebrates the simple pleasures of life.


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“CLEAN RESERVE's packaging takes a nod from the sustainability DNA using FSC-certified papers and boards, as well as sustainable recycled source from Spain, treated with a silver patina effect to capture its bespoke, precious quality. “

“From the start you are greeted by CLEAN's simple esthetic - beautiful uncoated white paper treated with a wood grain embossing texture. The central grid system is created using spot gloss and embossing to clearly map out the type treatment of information on the sleeve. The information on the sleeve celebrates consumers vast knowledge of fine and niche fragrance market; listing its name, fragrance type, perfumers inspiration for the scent and the pairing guide also helps convey the brand’s commitment to consumers to envelope them in the full world of CLEAN. “

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After removing the sleeve, a two-piece set up box opens to display the primary bottle suspended in a foam insert (which can be re-used).

“The primary packaging includes a gorgeous glass bottle with a 18mm thick heal - celebrating the beauty of this fire polished pristine glass. The label is produced from a linen stock texture and treated with a spot gloss/emboss grid system to pare down the fragrances key information. The cap is sourced from a sustainable oak sourced from Spain and treated with a silver patina effect that highlights and embraces the woods simple and natural imperfections”

A simple and sustainable piece of packaging that successfully communicates the brand values and the CLEAN’s philosophy.

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Art Director/Packaging Designer: Clean Beauty In House Design Team 

Photography: Joshua Scott

Global Marketing: Greta Fitz

Designed by Clean Beauty In House Design Team 

Country: United States

City: New York

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