Before & After: Klinskie Snacks

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/28/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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One of the most popular snack brands in Russia, Klinskie Snacks, felt it was time for a rebrand. Instead of the slightly generic and outdated packaging, SUPERMARKET Agency has created a modern and fresh design that completely rejuvenates the brand.

“Klinskie Snacks, a popular brand of snack products, is one of the leaders of the Russian market with a share of over 50% in many regions of Russia. For the line of salty snacks of fish was necessary to develop the packaging, the product is isolated from the competition, relevant to modern trends in eye-catching design.”

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“SUPERMARKET team has developed a creative package in a unified concept for the entire line. Contrasting color combinations and illustrative style of the product isolated from the competition on the shelf. Text content is the consumer interest, which increases the probability of choosing this brand. The entire product line is integrated common slogan, which increases memorability. The new packaging allows to check out from the competition, increase sales and brand memorability.”

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The new design strikes a wonderful balance between fun, eye-catching graphics and allowing the product itself to shine. Small wave-like designs create a see-through section of the packaging that shows off each variety in the line of snacks. Above it, a mish-mash of texts and graphics is lively and includes nautical inspiration. Compared to the old design, SUPERMARKET’s rebrand makes a much better use of the packaging overall to communicate to potential buyers, using images, text, and even the actual product to entice them.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by SUPERMARKET Agency

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

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