KAORI Perfume

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/28/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Japanese perfume for a European audience. Armbrand developed this design for Kaori Perfume, taking cues from traditional Japanese design for both the packaging and scent bottles.

“We were to design a range of Japanese perfumes entitled KAORI. It was important to create an image of Japanese perfume conceivable for the European audience. The word ‘kaori’ is translated as ‘scent.’ Traditional Japanese colors are black, red, and white. In Japanese they are, respectively, ‘kuro,’ ‘aka,’ and ‘shiro.’ These colors have become the basis for differentiation of SKUs within the line.”

Editorial photograph

“Combination of minimalistic media and profound meanings is inherent of the Japanese culture. Various packaging materials, like matte plastic, matte glass, metal impression and wooden cap, are well-balanced and create a play of plans. Semi-transparency and juxtaposition of hues within one color are associated with perfumery, while the image of Sakura symbolizes both Japan and beauty. The packaging changes depending on lighting.”

The KAORI line looks exotic and feminine, clearly communicating a Japanese influence without trivializing a rich culture. Frosty, somewhat see-through boxes add an air of mystery, and delicate cherry blossom trees appear on the front, almost swaying in the wind. The bottles inside follow the color coordination with tops that look like they’re made of wood, adding a sense of calm and allowing buyers to feel more in touch with the earth.

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“The modern design of KAORI catches the eye among the goods within the price range, communicates the trademark idea. Good perfume design, as well as spirits design, increases the perceived product value. Kaori packaging reaches the goal and makes the product more attractive for the target audience.”

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Armbrand

Client: Dilis Cosmetic Zao

Country: Belarus

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