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White Pearl by Andalusia Whiskey Co.

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/27/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Whiskey is aged in barrels, part of what gives it its amber hue—white whiskey, however, is unaged, appearing clear like vodka. This trending liquor has been making its way onto bar shelves, appealing to those who prefer clear liquor and also whiskey enthusiasts interested in trying whiskey at a different phase of production. Semi : Free Creative’s work for White Pearl, a white whiskey by Andalusia Whiskey Co., situates the spirit as a sophisticated and rare drink to enjoy.

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“Andalusia Whiskey Co. produces fine handcrafted whiskies deep in the Texas Hill Country. A scene reminiscent of the hills of Andalusia, Spain. Our ‘grain to glass’ creations begin with a mash of the finest American-grown malted grains. They are double-distilled in our hand-crafted copper pot still, and then patiently aged in new, charred, American oak barrels.”

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Just like a pearl requires certain special conditions to form, White Pearl whiskey looks like the perfect component for some expertly crafted cocktails. The label features intricate designs that add to the premium vibe and seem to indicate the distiller’s attention to detail. A yellowed label, navy blue, and a fiery red makes White Pearl compete against traditional whiskies that often rely on their aged qualities to appeal to whiskey lovers.

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