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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/26/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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It used to be that many men who had beards were just too lazy to shave; now, though, it’s a look to be desired. When there are entire websites and Instagram accounts dedicated to men with impeccable-looking facial hair, it means that products like beard oil or beard balm are luxurious grooming items for a gentleman to own. Matt Erickson leveraged Bohica Products’ American-made quality for its standout branding and packaging.

“Bohica Products was the brainchild of a Marine veteran living in Wisconsin. The motivation behind the creation of Bohica was to offer American-made, high quality products that embody the ideals of American patriots and the freedoms we enjoy every day.”

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“The brand proved to hold quite a bit of potential. Super-patriotic veteran brands are a niche industry, where generally, the design is not necessarily a priority. Creating something considered and refined can rise above the noise and prove to be hugely disruptive in a loud, raw industry such as this one.”

“Strength and simplicity drives the thinking behind the Bohica brand. Beyond an initial identity system, a packaging system for a line of beard products, a custom typeface, apparel, collateral, an e-commerce site, and much more were considered and designed.”

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Taking inspiration from the American flag, Bohica Products features stars, stripes, and slightly darker red and blue hues. Parts of the graphics appear weathered, as if they’ve been through a lot and have still managed to pull through, communicating brand strength and product quality. Beard oils come in amber bottles which feel more traditional, giving off a sense of age and reliability.

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Designed by Matt Erickson

Client: Bohica Products

Country: United States

City: Minneapolis