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Alta Palla

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/21/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

What a pop of color! Designed by Alyssa Warnock Design Studio, this line of sparkling beverages is one to right home about. Aluminum can are dressed head to toe is bold colors of red, orange, yellow, and peach- each color corresponding to the flavor it contains. The brand's name, Alta Palla cradles the octagram star logo as a similar star creates a pattern that drapes over the sides of the can. 

"Brought to you by the makers of Hiball Energy, "Alta Palla" translates to "High Ball" in Italian. These Organic and Fair Trade Sparkling Juice Beverages are slightly less sweet than your average sodas, are a bit more sophisticated and made with great ingredients. Perfectly refreshing on their own- for kids and adults alike- or as a mixer. Saluti!"

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Creative Director & Designer: Alyssa Warnock

Manufacturer: Hiball, Inc. 

Can Printer: Ball Corp. 

Box Printer: GPI-Rose City

Designed by Alyssa Warnock Design Studio

Country: United States

City: San Francisco

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