by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/19/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Greece, a country of gorgeous blue waters, rolling mountains, and stunning, rocky landscapes. Aroma Esti created a new line of products inspired by Greece, and The Brandhouse designed the brand identity and packaging.

“The objective: Aroma Esti asked us to create a new care and beauty product series (cologne, body lotion, soap) in 4 different aromatic varieties inspired by the Greek land. The new series is addressed to the young tourists that visit Greece. “

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“The concept: The brand name we created, Chromaroma, and the 4 individual names for each of the varieties: HELLO, YELLOW! (citrus trees aroma), FETISH, REDDISH! (peach and fig aroma), ALL RIGHT, WHITE! (lotus blossoms aroma ) ??? “TRUE BLUE!” (sea breeze aroma) in combination with the pop aesthetics that prevail in the colors and the graphic design invite the young customer to a playful game of the senses.”

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The four scents each take a different approach, eliciting emotions with lovely color palettes and dreamy designs. CHROMAROMA’s packaging demonstrates the variety of the items they offer, encouraging buyers to purchase the matching products like soap, fragrance, and lotion. Product names take inspiration from colors, but the designs come to life with images of fruit, flowers, or waves of water.

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Designed by The Brandhouse

Client: Aroma Esti

Country: Greece

City: Athens


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