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Bickford and Sons

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/20/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Step back in time with Bickford and Sons' aerated waters and cordials. Packaged by Bobby Haiqalsyah, a recipe that's been around since the 1800s is placed in vintage-style glass bottles with a twist cap. The label is redesigned to appeal to the modern man yet retains the tradition and history the company has built over the years. Custom, handwritten, font is positioned on a scroll that wraps itself around an illustrated building where the sodas were once produced. Finally, filigree frames the logo as the blend no. and flavor type is scripted below. 

"I was approached by Bickford's to create a vintage label that celebrate their history for this new range they're releasing. They provided a ton of archive materials that illustrate their 100+ years in Australian hearts, and I have to honor this heritage in my design. The brief asked that we included their monogram (refreshed for the 21st century), include their iconic building, and the kookaburra that has been present in their early branding."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Art Direction: Andrew Downer & Beverley Reeves

Special Thanks: Jacky Winter

Designed by Bobby Haiqalsyah

Client: Bickford and Sons

Country: Australia

City: Melbourne