Kakias | Feta Cheese

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/18/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Here’s a little something to inspire you to get into the kitchen and cook up something tasty. Designed by Radical Elements, Kakias Feta Cheese feels festive and fun while emphasizing the process used to make the cheese.

“Mr. Kakias cares about cheese. He makes sure his feta cheese is made with the finest ingredients, in the traditional way: cured in oak barrels for 6 months. The logo and the packaging have been designed with that in mind.”

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“The ingredients of the Greek salad, which is based on feta cheese, were illustrated by hand to give both traditional and contemporary vibes to the design. The colour combination of white, blue, and black is used to depict purity and freshness.”

The hand drawn illustrations are not only playful and energetic but encourage buyers to create something themselves with delicious with Kakias Feta Cheese. The combination of black, white, and a light blue is relaxing and bright, giving off a positive vibe. A thick font on the top of the packaging communicates a confidence that consumers will find trustworthy, relying on Kakias’ traditional methods to make the best cheese possible.

Editorial photograph

Designed by Radical Elements

Client: Kakias

Country: Greece

City: Athens

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