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Loving Earth Redesign

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/13/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Who knew eating organic could be this good! Loving Earth's is a chocolate brand whose philosophy can be summarized in three bullet points. Be healthy, Be sustainable, Be fair. Since launching its brand in 2007, the company has grown exponentially with a loyal following that helped Loving Earth stock supermarket shelves throughout the country. With the company's major success, a redesign was needed and Round Project was the perfect design studio to do it. 

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"What had worked for Loving Earth since their inception – a quirky brand centred on care and community – needed to be rethought as they looked to expand both their retail presence and product range. For us, it was clear that the packaging and visual elements of the brand needed an over-haul. As the organic industry had grown up, it had cleverly aligned itself with the fine food market."

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"The challenge we set the company internally was to reposition Loving Earth to enter that fine food market while still retaining all of the heritage, spirit and love that the brand had always embodied. From an execution perspective, our response was quite simple. As we reimagined the chocolate packaging, we took an illustrative approach that saw the development of individual characters that played an important role on the packaging by both denoting what was actually in each product and giving them a human touch. The result was a series of packaging that physically materialized the core nature of the brand, while catapulting Loving Earth into the heart of the fine-food market category."

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Designed by Round Project

Client: Loving Earth

Country: Australia 

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