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Skillshare + The Dieline: The Sketching Process

by Dieline Author on 01/12/2016 | 1 Minute Read

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Step outside of the digital world and get back to your roots of crafting tangible things, with Skillshare and creative director of Design Packaging, and Editor in Chief of The Dieline, Evelio Mattos. This hands-on, one-hour packaging design class is perfect for creators, makers, and designers of all levels to learn how to get sketch an "unveiling experience" — unlocking the skills you need to get your ideas down on paper and convey form, function and features in a retail space.

Beginning with the most preliminary component of packaging design — sketching — Evelio takes you through his easy-to-do process for developing creative concepts, refining them into semi-3-point-perspective, and ultimately, getting them ready to present to a client. He also shares valuable insights from the printing and packaging industry along the way.

No prior experience in the print industry is necessary — in fact, any designer or creator with a pencil or pen and the ability to draw basic shapes should enjoy this class. By the end, you'll have an inside look at the creative process of an industry pro, and a tangible series of sketches to start bringing your packaging concept to life.