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by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/12/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Studio Navarra is bringing joy to our tables. Olive Joy produces top-quality single origin olive oils at a fair price and- to launch the brand- the German studio has created a corporate identity which delivers a clear distinction between Olive Joy and its competitors. This colorful and interesting brand identity delivers the brand essence in a original and fresh way which perfectly communicates the unique characteristics of the oil - high quality and rich flavours. 

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Commenting on the success of their design, the team at Studio Navarra say: “ We achieved this by choosing astonishing colors for the three different varieties of oil. Apple, salmon and aubergine are colors that truly pop out. As surprising as this may appear, it is coherent with the different stages of ripeness of an olive.”

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A truly creative design decision for a category often saturated with similar brand identities. What a joy!

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Designed by navarra.is 

Country: Germany

City: Berlin