Perrier Street Art Limited Edition

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/01/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Street art is everywhere, and now it’s even on your favorite can of mineral water. Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water just announced their latest line of cans in the “Inspired by Street Art” collection, this time with original artworks by contemporary French artist, L’Atlas.

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“The Parisian artist first began graffiti-based work in the early 1990s, creating art in public spaces and building a reputation for himself as a major player within the street art scene. Exploring a fascination with handwriting and calligraphy, L’Atlas has developed a unique abstract style of geometric labyrinth-style designs. For this recent collaboration, the artist applied his distinctive street art technique on the canvas of Perrier’s bottles and cans.”

The street art-inspired collection premiered in 2014 with positive reactions from art enthusiasts around the globe. The alliance with L’Atlas is just the beginning, though, as there are art installations around the globe planned for the rest of 2015 with Perrier. L’Atlas states, “Perrier is a brand that is part of my history, as it is for millions of people all over the planet. Teaming up with Perrier means vastly expanding my means of expression and my capacity for universality.”

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L’Atlas’ creative, edgy designs are a daring new look for the mineral water company. Striking designs appear on the original, grapefruit, and lime slim cans and glass bottles, and the maze-like artwork is delightfully different. The hypnotizing artwork will be seen by countless consumers, a benefit to both the artist and Perrier. Perrier is doing something out of the ordinary and supporting the arts, giving buyers the chance to view the company as more than just a sparkling natural mineral water brand. This Perrier Street Art limited edition collection will be available for purchase at most major retailers starting in October.

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Designed by: L’Atlas

Country: United States & Canada

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