Keisari Bakery

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/05/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Keisari Bakery’s new identity opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Their former name, Kakku & Leipä Keisari (translation: Cake & Bread Cesar), indicated that they only sold cakes and breads. In fact, their product range is much wider and includes all types of baked goods. Their new name, Keisari Bakery (Leipomo Keisari), was developed by Werklig, and the brand identity they created stuck with a clean and bold design.

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“We set out to create an identity that was designed in measured steps and used simplicity as an asset. The first step was to clarify the name, which was done by dropping the cake and bread references. On the visual side we created a black and white pattern that stemmed from scoring marks that are often found in baked bread. This pattern proved to be very versatile as it could be scaled to fit different types of surfaces using both black and white colours.”

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“In packaging we decided to use white materials instead of the usual brown as it created a clear differentiation from other bakery brands. The black and white visual identity made a great contrast to the product range, from levain bread and french baguettes to pastries and colourful cakes. To sum the results up we achieved a strong graphic look that stood out and simultaneously highlighted the product.”

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Using the versatile scoring mark idea, Keisari has a unique identity that still allows for plentiful growth in the future. The Keisari name appears in an all-caps sans serif font, looking modern and straightforward. Against the black and white used for the brand, the delicious textures and colors of the pastries, breads, and other products are especially noticeable. Keisari’s identity and packaging gives an impression of a small corner bakery but has the potential to compete on a grand scale against other bakeries.

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Designed by: Werklig

Country: Finland

City: Helsinki

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