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Platform T, A Tea Lounge

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/23/2015 | 3 Minute Read

The packaging of Platform T, A Tea Lounge, are so sophisticated that elevate the content to a new dimension and really diversify their teas from their competitors’. 

The packaging was designed by the very talented team at Karsh Hagan. Talking of the process behind the branding, the agency comments: “To coincide with their brand launch and opening of their first tea lounge, Platform T needed packaging that embodied their fresh take on the tradition of tea. The custom copper tin with stamped logo mark was designed to be sophisticated yet modern. The topographic pattern invites the drinker to dream of travel while the icons and typefaces show the brand’s playful nature. The smooth metallic tin contrasts the rustic wood and stone textures of the lounge’s interior.

To further bring to life the lure of travel and the global story of tea, their high-end reserve line was inspired by the ornate iron archways that frame train stations all over the globe.”

Flavors and colors of far-away lands are beautifully infused on the tins, for a packaging that is steeped in tradition and served in good taste.

Designed by Karsh Hagan

Country: United States

Senior Art Director/Designer: Camille King 

Senior Copywriter: Karen Morris 

Art Director: Lindsey Mills 

Copywriter: Laurel Kelleher 

Executive creative director: Charlotte Isoline 

Account manager: Anne-Marie Salcito


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