Victoria's Secret – Hair Care

by Emily Felipe on 09/23/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Victoria’s Secret is well-known for their fashionable, flattering bras. Now they can make your hair look good, too. Blackrose designed a sleek and sexy set of hair care bottles for the famous lingerie brand — an undeniable look that consumers are sure to adore.

The design took key notes from VS’s iconic identity, flawless faces of the brand and their aspirational consumers.”

The packaging showcases a modern twist on the Victoria’s Secret brand: a flirty pink is matched with bold black type that is playful and clearly difficult to ignore on the shelves.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

The vibrant color is complemented with bottles of nude beiges and whites that are visually seductive and luxurious to the touch. The bottle’s cylindrical shape is flawless and smooth, almost similar to the fresh-faced models that showcase VS’s popular products. The metallic sheen accents the brand and the bottle, making the packaging even more irresistible to the naked eye.

Editorial photograph

Victoria’s Secret has extended its reach from bras to beauty products, so why not give your hair some love and an extra boost?

Designed by Blackrose

Client: Victoria's Secret

Country: United States

City: New York City

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