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Dove Foaming Cleanser

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 09/22/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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It’s always exciting to learn about packaging with a good story behind it. Take the new Dove Foaming Cleanser, for example, a soap in a foaming pump complete with a customized clip lock. A worldwide team of people from both Dove and Sayuri Studio, Inc. took their inspiration to make the necessary moving parts delightfully brand specific.

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“The Dove team in the UK, USA, China and Japan wanted to create a self-foaming pack that captured Dove’s core DNA of ‘Being Beautifully Uncomplicated.’ The package had to stand out in what is a very crowded Asian marketplace. Complicating this challenge was the need to use the existing big self-foaming pump (a given), secure the in-mold label area and use an existing stock clip lock. Manufacturing was in Japan, technical support was in USA and China. Sayuri Studio, Inc. went about designing a bottle that achieved the simplicity of a smooth foamy shape easily gripped and dispensed in a woman’s hand; the shape was ‘Beautifully Uncomplicated.’”

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Dove is known worldwide and their branding across the globe is specific and consistent. Even with a slightly different approach throughout Asia, where this foaming cleanser is on the market, the packaging approach is undeniably Dove. The appearance is refreshing and feminine, and the crisp, clean white is perfectly suited for the bath and skincare industry. Although the bottle and packaging are indeed uncomplicated, consumers will certainly appreciate the thought that went into the bottle shape and the beautiful Dove-shaped clip lock.

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“And then another bit of inspiration struck; let’s transform a utilitarian clip lock into a branding story. Upon seeing how immediate the connection to Dove became — even without a branding graphic — when this enchanting touch was added, marketing authorized the new mold of the clip lock and the necessary supply chain modifications needed to make this branding story complete. The result is an enticing shape and bird clip seamlessly teaming up to deliver Dove’s branding message of discovery and enjoyment each and every time the consumer touches the product.”

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Designed by Sayuri Studio, Inc.

Client: Unilever

Country: Japan & United States

City: Tokyo & New York, NY

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