Dr.Feelgood Frozen Pops

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/03/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

It's still hot here in LA and a Frozen Pop doesn't sound half bad right now.Dr.Feelgood makes popsicles that are all-natural, dairy-free with no refined sugar. With that in mind, there is not reason to feel guilty if you decide to go in for seconds. Handcrafted and packaged with cardboard as a substrate, the boxes are screenprinted with fun typography contained inside an illustrated pop.

"This has to be one of our most favorite projects to date. Todd Yonge (the first designer for DrFG) and BW put color to a frosty treat with Dr. Feelgood ice pops. Completely natural and full of good stuff, these ice pops are making waves in the boutique FMCG market and we loooooove them!"
Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by BrandWagon

Client: Dr Feelgood

Country: New Zealand

City: Auckland

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