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Latest News

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/21/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Latest News is a brand of milk distributed in Belarus, which has a very playful design aesthetic. I’m not sure if all milk packaging in Belarus is this “fun” but Fabula Branding has done a great job creating a positive perception of the product through design. The artwork is illustrative, with a friendly mail carrier walking down the road carrying an oversized jug of milk. He obviously has an important job – delivering that jug of milk in a timely manner and without spilling too much out. His mail sack is slung across his shoulders and letters are tumbling out as he hurries along towards the small houses in the distance. 

Editorial photograph

Continuing the mail carrier theme, the typography is on the bottles is handwritten, loopy and personal. At the top of the bottle, enclosed in a mail stamp silhouette is the brand’s name “Latest News.” Each variety of milk is differentiated by a single, bright color, while the rest of the artwork remains the same through all packages. There is a bright red, royal blue and spring green making up the preppy palette. Fabula Branding has created a whimsical little story about Latest News milk that brings a smile to my face. Honestly, any character with a handlebar mustache who is also wearing bright color shoes gets a thumbs up from me!

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Fabula Branding

Client: Babuskina Krynka

Country: Belarus

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