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Nordic Kiwi Brewers

by Traci Gibbs on 09/21/2015 | 1 Minute Read

An epic design for an epic craft beer. This is the story of Kerryn and Craig, two born and bred Kiwis who moved to Sweden. In 2014 they launched their line of beers, the Nordic Kiwi Brewers (NKB), with the goal of producing epic craft beers by using the finest hops of their native New Zealand.

They tasked designer Nathan Parker to create unique graphic brand identity and packaging for their beers. The objective was clear: to communicate their journey and introduce the concept of duality or, as Nathan Parker says, “To combine a Nordic Heart with a Southern Soul”.

The main feature of the design is based on a black and white pattern which is developed using elements of the Kiwi and Swedish identities and which features the ingredients that go into making beer. The outcome is a clean and fun design which is extremely interesting to look at and create the basis for a beautiful and strong brand identity.

Designed by Nathan Parker

Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm

Photography: Gustav Elliot 


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