by Traci Gibbs on 09/17/2015 | 1 Minute Read

The Spanish design firm Moruba had some fun with the new wine label artwork while working on Malaspiedras wine. “Malaspiedras” translates to the words “stones” which refers to the pebbly terrain where the winery is located. The “wicked stones” on this terrain are what force the land to produce the best grapes possible. So what better art direction than to show those wicked little stones as caricatures.

The wine label design is “odd,” showing a black and white, halftone photograph of two rocks with angry faces painted on them, sitting side by side. The pair of rocks paying tribute to the wine-making couple that has created this unique wine. The faces remind me of my favorite Japanese characters, and how just a couple of brushstrokes can convey so much in an expression. Look at those kooky eyebrows!

Moruba has kept this design minimal. Bold artwork, with the wine name set in all lowercase and tucked off to the side of the label. No frills and flourish for Malaspiedras wine, just a fearlessly bold, halftone graphic of some mean little faces staring back at you.

Designed by Moruba

Client: Bodegas Compañón Arrieta

Country: Spain


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