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Lost Republic Bourbon

by Traci Gibbs on 09/16/2015 | 1 Minute Read

he California Republic was a short-lived, unrecognized state that - for a few weeks in 1846- military controlled the area to the north of the San Francisco Bay. The term appeared only on the flag which featured the image of a grizzly bear and became known as the Bear Flag.

Sonoma County’s Dry Creek Distilling Co. briefed agency Auston Design Group with the challenge of creating the brand image and package design for their new bourbon brand, Lost Republic. The key direction of the brief was for the agency to include a storytelling element of the California Republic itself.

To reflect the era of the revolt, a retro apothecary bottle was chosen and a die-cut golden yellow “tag”, representative of California’s golden hills, was used as the backdrop. Auston Design Group then created a number of period correct components for the label. Inspired by the California state symbol, the woodcut style California Grizzly Bear is recognizable from across the room, and has become the face of the brand. Other details like the brand mark, the debossed Lost Republic seal, a simulated rubber stamp seal, and a tax-stamp style tamper band, work together to evoke that 1846 Sonoma, California, sense of time and place.

We love when pieces of packaging become examples of modern storytelling and Auston Design Group brings the story to life on the graphics and on other visual cues such as the choice of the bottle itself and the use of the finishes.

Designed by Auston Design Group 

Country: United States


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