State Street Honey

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/02/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Jess Glebe Design was hired to design an identity and package for State Street Honey in the Spring of 2015. Never treated with chemical medications and drawing 100% from their own honeycomb, State Street Honey bees create the purest honey possible. State Street Honey is only minimally filtered, but never heated, and is packed with all the beneficial enzymes and pollen that the majority of store-bought honey lacks. 

Simply put, it's honest, locally sourced honey. To capture the divine essence of State Street Honey's brand, a winged beehive was crafted, featuring an illuminant, gold halo. Like the honey it represents, the logo and package design is approachable and sincere—compelling, but never ostentatious. 

Designer: Jess Glebe 

Photographer: Jesse Alvarez Copywriter: Caitlin Riley Printer: Fey Printing

Designed by Jess Glebe Design

Client: State Street Honey (Todd Parsons) 

Country: United States


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