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Can Coke Save the World?

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/05/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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An independent group has started a campaign to get Coke to put their money where their vision is. By going ad-free in the next year and spending that $3 billion budget on helping World Land Trusts save the rainforest, this can very well be the most compelling brand story ever told. 

“Hope brings Happiness. With it’s roots in the very heart of the brand, this is an idea for Coca-Cola to lead the way. This is a radically different approach for the biggest advertiser in the world to give an entire generation something real to believe in and become a symbol of hope.”
— Buy the World a Hope

Every hour, at least 4,500 acres of forest fall - that's the size of 5 Central Parks. With Coke's help, preservation of the rainforest will be possible.

To ensure the story spreads, "Buy The World A Hope Movement", suggests that Coke collaborate with famous musicians by adding their message to the end of each music video, every month, for 12 months and finally bring together all the artists to create a remake of the original "Hilltop Ad". 

With profits from each sale going to the cause, Coke will not only bring the world together but create billions more active fans who support their brand's mission to refresh the world, inspire happiness and make a real difference.Show your support here.