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Orphan Barrel Range

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/31/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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For each of the brands launched under the Orphan Barrel range, design agency RPNYC Design House has created strong graphic personalities that express the unique character of the spirits themselves. Orphan Barrel was created to celebrate forgotten barrels of rare and delicious whiskey hidden away in rickhouses and distilleries. Important factors that are at the core of the brand are craft, quality and authenticity and, as the agency says “Each touchpoint from hand drawn labels to the bottling line reflect how these principles are core beliefs lived by the brand.” 

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“The Orphan Barrel branding uses a rough-hewn hand drawn brandmark and a colour palette of grays, browns and golds echoing the materials and colors from the rickhouses and distilleries where these barrels are found. The branding for Orphan Barrel remains consistent with each launch to announce all variants as members of the family, but the individual issues have their own personalities with animals that express the unique character of liquid and name. “ RPNYC Design House wanted to ensure that they took the crafted quality of the whiskies seriously and, at the same time, that they had injected a bit of fun when bringing these to life with the unique marques and personalities.

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President/CEO: Laurent Hainaut 

Creative Director: JB Hartford 

Designer: Kyle Wessel [with JP Elliot's help on Forged Oak] 


Old Blowhard: Grady McFerrin 

Rhetoric: Jill De Haan 

Lost Prophet: Kevin Cantrell 

Barterhouse: Samuel Gomez 

Forged Oak: JP Elliot

Designed by RPNYC Design House 

Country: United States