Alter Brauch

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/31/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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The Reinheitsgebot, or German Beer Purity Law, was adopted in 1516 to regulate the production of beer. This law states that beer production can use only four ingredients: water, malt, yeast, and hops. Elena Pavlova has designed Alter Brauch with this in mind, keeping tradition alive.

“Beer - a product with a long history. In every corner of the world the traditions and rituals of consumption of the drink. Before working on the packaging, and the name, agency specialists conducted a pre-project study by the method of design thinking. As a result, we identified target audience insights, on the basis of which it built all further work on the project. Emphasis was placed on the naturalness of the product itself, as well as traditionally used in the manufacture of formulations.”

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“The enterprise is located in the immediate vicinity of Europe's largest biosphere reserve ‘Brykin Bor,’ a land full of ancient stories and legends. In connection with all the above package and the name of the product have to talk about European quality beer, with the image of a reserved land on which the plant is located, too, must be present in the design.”

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“Hence was born the name: Alter Brauch (The old custom). It fully reveals the brand concept. The name of the German language (the language of the main powers of the world beer) describes the essence of the brand, telling that he has the best customs and traditions of the Brewers, giving priority to the undoubted quality of the product and naturalness of its ingredients, respecting the ancient law on ‘beer purity.’”

Alter Brauch is a traditionally brewed beer fit for the modern market. The light brown labels, wrapping, and twine on the large amber bottles gives it an old-fashioned yet charming appearance. Each beer variety has a colored pattern on the background of the label, modernizing the look. The fonts also follow along with this idea of old meets new, respecting the long history of beer brewing.

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“A beautiful old legend of fern flower formed the basis for the logo of the brand. All of these ideas have been implemented and on the packaging: kraft paper, logo and sign, made in the Gothic style, the product is isolated as much as possible on the shelf. Since product sold in retail outlets in various formats (supermarkets, bars, shops draft beer), the agency specialists have worked packaging solutions for all of these areas, without losing a holistic perception of the brand by the consumer.”

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Designed by Elena Pavlova

Client: Star Factory

Country: Russia

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