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Featured image for SOUND Sparkling Tea

SOUND Sparkling Tea

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/27/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Who says that unsweetened drinks can’t taste good? SOUND Sparkling Tea hopes to break that stereotype. Combining the health benefits of freshly brewed tea with the tasty refreshment that sparkling water offers, SOUND is a one-of-a-kind beverage. It’s similar to a soda, except this drink is infused with botanicals, extracts, and flavors, and it contains no GMO’s, sweeteners, or preservatives. The team at SOUND wanted to refresh the brand, hoping to better communicate this without overwhelming consumers.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Interact partnered with SodTerra, now SOUND, to lead a rebrand which consisted of a new name, brand identity and packaging. The objective was simple, make waves within the ready-to-drink category.”

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SOUND successfully uses visuals instead of a lot of text to communicate the rejuvenating nature of this beverage. Colorful sound waves meet refreshing bubbles right on the label giving off a fun and youthful vibe. Compared to SOUND’s previous design, the new direction from Interact feels more focused and straightforward.  

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“The name SOUND is inspired by the product’s sound ingredients as well as its consumer’s desire for a sound body and mind. The bold brand identity disrupts the pattern, mirroring its intentions of disrupting the carbonated soft drink category. The label utilizes metallic accents, which embody the reflectivity of sound waves, while also communicating low-calorie to consumers familiar with the soda/diet soda category. Overall, the packaging draws inspiration from life’s daily rhythms, encouraging consumers to make waves with SOUND by their side, or more appropriately in their hands.”

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Designed by: Interact

Country: United States

City: Boulder, CO

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