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Harlow Skin Co.

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/25/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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With varieties like “Spa Day” and “French Toast,” Harlow Skin Co. certainly seems like a unique skincare line. Created in Canada, the company firmly believes that less is more — meaningful goods are more bountiful. With this in mind, they source the ingredients for their body whips, scrubs, elixirs, and more from all over the world and use precision in curating the blends. Kurgan designed the packaging for the products, with a focus on integrity, health, and overall well-being.

“Harlow Skin Co. is a skincare line handcrafted in Vancouver Canada. Small batches are carefully curated using organic and all-natural ingredients. The brief was to create a brand that embodied its natural ingredients while appealing to a more contemporary customer. The sans-serif typeface creates a clean foundation for the wordmark and the abstracted ‘A’ and ‘W’ give the brand its contemporary look. The abstracted ‘A’ and ‘W’ from the logo are repurposed for the icons for labels, and patterns to create cohesive brand packaging.”

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The design for Harlow Skin Co. feels earthy and wholesome. Putting a minimal amount of information on the label, the Harlow brand name stands out with the eye-catching ‘A’ and ‘W.’ Other interesting scents, like “Night Market” and “Wild Heart” indicate the handmade quality of the products, mixed with a variety of ingredients and a great attention to detail. With its delightful simplicity, it embodies Harlow Skin Co.’s desire to provide perfected goods to the discerning consumer.

The company’s philosophy states: “Maintaining a fascination with ingredients and how they relate to our bodies, we believe that our skin ceremony should be a therapeutic ritual where we can freely indulge and not have to worry that what we're putting on will do harm.  We care about our future self and believe that we can help bridge the gap by providing conscious alternatives to our everyday routines without sacrificing the little things we love.”

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Designed by: Alley Kurgan

Country: Canada

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