by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/25/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Any product with “Epic” as its name had better live up to the hype. Ensuring this would be the case, Australian-based agency Co Partnership designed the packaging for Epic, a statement wine from Hungerford Hill winery.

“Comprising of highly concentrated single-vineyard wines, the 2013 Shiraz was matured in new French and American oak barriques for 18 months prior to selecting only seven for bottling. It was this attention to the vigneron’s craft and the time under oak that inspired the design - the idea of bringing the maturing process to the very bottle itself.”

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“Stencil typography is regularly seen on wine barrels so we evolved this style to a more elegant version and stamped it across the real wood substrate with a silver foil to add drama and create attention. The wooden label is a new print innovation, made from real timber laminated to adhesive for printing and bottle application.”

The resulting label looks pretty phenomenal, not to mention that each one is slightly different since it’s made from real wood. Against a black bottle, the wood substrate label stands out in a striking way. Epic is clearly not just your average wine — it’s created to be savored and enjoyed, a truly premium drink. The back of the label includes vital information about the wine in a chart form, a formal presentation which indicates how serious the winemakers are about making the best wine possible.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“It is a designers dream to create a single minded statement on the front of a wine label, a dream realised with an exclusive wine, sold only at the cellar door and online. We used the back label to hold the winemaker’s technical information, allowing the front label to have the spotlight - living up to its Epic name.”

Editorial photograph

Designed by Co Partnership

Client: Hungerford Hill

Country: Australia

City: Sydney


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