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EiR NYC is all about giving your skin and your body some serious tender loving care. With products like sunblock for active individuals, oils to heal bruises, intense hydrating lotions, and even a sunblock remover, Eir aims to protect and nurture with premium ingredients.

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“Seeking a more naturalistic healing approach from her extreme sports injuries, Jun Lee — an art curator by trade — started laying down the foundation for Eir [air] in late 2013. An advocate of healthy living and the planet’s well-being, Jun began consulting with top industry professionals on the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and organic herbs. After obtaining invaluable insight and identifying a marketplace demand for unsynthesized body care products, Jun took matters into her own hands, embarking on a mission to aid those with similar apprehensions in an eco-friendly manner. Striving for nourishment of the mind, body, and soul, Jun locally and lovingly handcrafts all of Eir’s organic body care goods and now has brand distribution worldwide.”

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“A high-quality aromatic blend of essential oils and organic herbs, each of Eir’s earthy elixirs are specially formulated to rejuvenate and safeguard the skin without any harm to the Planet — no chemicals, parabens, or artificial fragrances. All of the vital components in Eir’s compounds are wholesomely handcrafted inside the cruelty-free confines of its Brooklyn, NY headquarters. Purchases are then delightfully packaged and shipped out with the utmost of love. Eir is devoted to providing you with an internally and externally enriching experience in each and every purchase.”

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Eir is considered “nature’s first aid kit for your active lifestyle,” and its appearance is part medicinal, part skincare line. A medical cross appears on every product, and the packaging is kept simple and straightforward, and additional color is kept to a minimum. Metal tins, clear rollers, balm sticks, a metallic spray bottle, and amber bottles make up the product line, all uncomplicated containers for the wholesome ingredients. Labels are white with black text, the name of each item is written in a small, all-caps text at the bottom of the product. The look is clean, just like the pure ingredients that go into the Eir line.

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Country: United States

City: Brooklyn, NY


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