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Biosphere - Fine Honduran Cacao

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/25/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Chocolate lovers, behold the decadence that is Biosphere. Michal Slovák created this rich, dark packaging that is inspired by the nighttime experience of the rainforest but also reflects the high cacao percentage of the chocolate.

“Around 99.99% of world cacao tree production is growing on plantations. The rest, 0.01% of world production features very rare wild-grown cacao. Biosphere - Fine Honduran Cacao comes from Wampusirpi, a location immediately adjacent to Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve in Honduras which has been a World Heritage site and biosphere reserve since 1982. In 2011, UNESCO placed the reserve on the List of World Heritage. This premium couverture chocolate has exceptional quality and single origin.”

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“It was important not to follow Aztec or Mayan motifs, which are very common on many chocolate labels from this region. Exceptional quality product needed exceptional design. The aim was to illustrate the atmosphere of the jungle where the cacao grows. Therefore the label for 80% dark chocolate was illustrated as rainforest at night. Tempered chocolate drops are packed in 5kg bags and are sold only to trade.”

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Slovák succeeding in avoiding the clichés we often see on chocolate packaging and has designed something rooted in honest inspiration. Against the pitch black packaging, a dark brown label with chestnut details makes Biosphere look luxurious and mysterious. Cocoa pods and plant leaves decorate the front and back, and the small white text stands out against the background. Biosphere’s design is more intriguing the more you look at it, much like nature at night. It attracts buyers by simply being subdued and dark, offering a different experience than many other chocolate brands on the market.

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Designed by: Michal Slovák

Client: Biosphere - Fine Honduran Cacao

Country: Slovakia