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by Jessica Deseo on 08/20/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Summer isn't over yet! If you've gone to Starbucks to cool down with a nice iced coffee this summer season you've probably noticed their fun and unique cup designs. Hand-drawn symbols of summer that are both fun and very retro! Each cup size showcases one of the four cool summer designs. Don't forget to admire them before the sun sets and summer is officially over. 

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"Remember the 70’s and 80’s pop culture mainstay, the boombox?

It was an oversized music player with two speakers and a handle that people carried around to blast out their favorite songs from the radio and cassette tapes..

Wait, you don’t remember cassettes either?

Order a trenta-sized iced beverage from Starbucks, beginning Tuesday, and you’ll see a throwback to the way sounds of summer used to be shared.

The boombox, older than the average age of a Starbucks barista, is one of four cool summer designs on Starbucks cold cups. The tall cup slips on a green and white polka dot flip flop. The grande cup features an electric fan. The venti cup sports pairs of sunglasses. And the trenta-sized cup rocks the boombox."

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"Starbucks Creative Studio was inspired to take the company’s classic cold cup and give it a playful personality for summer, similar to the way Starbucks transforms its iconic white cup into the signature red cup during the holiday season."

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“Each design represents a different, yet familiar aspect of the summer months – from fashion to relaxing to simply cooling off,” said senior designer Joanna Price. “We had so much fun from conception to reality with the designs. Sketches ranged from surfboards and ice cream to balloons and bathing suits. Several studio designers contributed their illustration skills for the final designs. Thom Head created the flip flop; Kelsey Cole is behind the sunglasses image and Joanna made the fan and boombox."

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"Just as the design studio did in creating 100 pieces of art for the Starbucks Dot Collection last winter, the summer cups also incorporate a signature “green dot.” With the flip flops there are many green dots. There are two dots for the boombox and sunglasses images. The whirling fan is composed of a single, larger green dot."

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