Minus 33

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/19/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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It’s been an exciting week for Sam Trett, founder of the spirits LoCa Bev distillery. This week, LoCa launched their first product, Minus 33. UK-based agency Good did brand and package design for the new drink that’s “not gin, something better.”

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Because Minus 33 is a “juniper-infused spirit” rather than gin, and the packaging had to reflect that it is not only something different, but also better. The packaging offers a little bit of something for everyone. At first glance, the bottle appears scientific, which perfectly communicates its lab-tested qualities. Keeping things modern and accessible to a general audience, the name Minus 33 appears at the top in a black, bold sans serif font. The red and black stamps on the front label also give consumers a better idea of the important steps needed to make the beverage and premium quality of the product. There’s even a bit of humor, calling its founder the “Propietor/Geek” and writing “Please experiment responsibly” on the back.

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Sam Trett adds, “We worked incredibly hard to create a brilliant brand in LoCa, and a groundbreaking product in Minus 33 – and to see that reflected in the brilliant designs that are now on shelf is just the icing on the cake. We have an unusual message to communicate – we are not a gin – we’re offering something better than that – but Good has met this challenge head on with a product that makes sense in all elements of design.”

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Designed by: Good

Client: LoCa

Country: United Kingdom

Cities: London and Glasgow

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