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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/19/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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As if you needed another reason to break out the Jameson, they’ve just announced their new Wild Sloe Berry Bitters. Superbly designed by the folks at Pearlfisher, this small bottle will not only be a lovely addition to your liquor cabinet but it’s also sure to up your cocktail game.

“This is a new, beautifully crafted and locally sourced Bitters brand from Jameson that delves into the brand’s Irish roots and flavours, and is designed to give influential bartenders and drink enthusiasts new ways to enjoy and experience the iconic whiskey brand. With the rapid growth in Bitters brands, a certain ‘type’ of Bitters language was quickly saturating the category. Pearlfisher’s task was to create a visually distinctive look and feel for Jameson Bitters, whilst ensuring we complement, respect and become a great companion to the Jameson master brand.”

Jameson’s Wild Sloe Berry Bitters is a delightful addition to their line of spirits, creating an entirely new way to view the brand. Where their traditional whiskey feels strong and authoritative, their new bitters is delicate and gentle. Of course, it is still 100% Jameson — the recognizable brand name is written at the top in the same font, combined with the logo and green bottle — but the off-white label, lavender text and graphics, and small bottle give Jameson something new. The bitters contain ingredients that were hand foraged in Ireland, and the packaging implies the careful attention that goes into creating the product.

“The new design is honest and unpretentious, capturing and preserving the essence of hand foraging with a raw and rustic delivery. The Jameson hierarchy is maintained but the label encapsulates the idea of stepping into the wild, and the journey of the forager, by using natural stock, hand illustrated detailing with a single-minded and simple use of colour representing the seasonality of the ingredients.”

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Pearlfisher

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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