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Student: 8munkar

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/10/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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On special weekend mornings, my dad would run out and grab a dozen donuts for the entire family. It always annoyed me, though, when my perfectly delicious strawberry glazed donut would get chocolate icing on it or sprinkles from one of its neighbors in that big, flat donut box from Dunkin’ Donuts. 8munkar solves this issue, acting as a perfect solution for OCD donut eaters everywhere (and even those that aren't!). The concept, designed by Emelie Johannesson and Oliver Sjöqvist, takes a whole different approach, and these donuts are a little different from the ones you might be used to eating.

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“8munkar is a fictional shop that sells Swedish premium munkar. As far from American diners and usual donut shops you could possibly get. Our munkar has the finest ingredients and Swedish flavours such as polka, cinnamon bun, ballerina cookie and lingonberries. You find 8munkar in trendy areas in the biggest cities worldwide. Dubai, Paris, New York, London and Sydney are examples of places where you can enjoy our pastries.”

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Each donut is packaged individually, paired with a wet wipe, and labeled with a number. The container not only keeps each pastry fresh but allows them to stack on top of each other in the large 8munkar box. A small handle on top allows for easy transportation, and since the packaging is tall rather than wide it takes up far less space on a counter. The Venn diagram inspired logo is simple yet a perfect representation of the brand, offering something for everyone no matter their taste preferences.

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Designed by: Emelie Johannesson, Oliver Sjöqvist

Country: Sweden