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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/14/2015 | 4 Minute Read

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Reliable options for men’s skincare are limited. So many brands focus on the masculinity of their products rather than the ingredients that go into them or the practicality of using them. This is what Above & Below has gotten right. The brand, by Gbenda-Charles, is a single-source men’s skincare line that uses organic ingredients, and they strive to provide high quality products with an extraordinary simplicity. Butcher & Butcher worked closely with the brand to develop the packaging and brand story.

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“[The process] began with the brand name itself, with Above & Below reflecting the top-to-toe benefit of the product. The Above & Below name also represents the Northern and Southern hemispheres, tying in promotion of the product as a multi-use solution for frequent travellers and adventurers. The visual story of the two hemispheres was subsequently carried through to the package design and iconography.”

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“The final packaging concept also spoke to the product source and ethos, with the inclusion of practical touches that would encourage re-use. The original product is housed in a 50ml dark green glass bottle, which adheres to carry-on restrictions while also protecting the product from prolonged light exposure. Key considerations of sustainability and travel-friendliness were further answered with the inclusion of a refill pack; a flat-lay, compostable pouch designed to be gently heated in warm water, allowing the fresh product to then be poured into the original glass packaging.”

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I love the idea behind Above & Below’s branding, and its execution is spot-on: down-to-earth, travel-friendly, and focusing more on being a premium skincare option than asserting masculinity. The small, forest green bottle makes for easy traveling, and offering compostable refill packs that pack easily adds a whole new layer of appeal for adventurers. Kelly green packaging feels earthy and helps to represent the pure, organic ingredients used.

The Above & Below name is written partially upside down, a striking quality that elevates the brand slightly. White boxes that hold each container are covered on each side in information and graphics, further emphasizing the head-to-toe coverage that the products provide. Above & Below offers a simple and straight-forward solution for men looking to care for their skin.

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Designed by Butcher & Butcher

Country: New Zealand


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