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??? Xiang Ye Diao

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/08/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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“Give the food more flavor, and give your life more color.” ???, or Xiang Ye Diao, possesses a vibrant energy, turning to wildlife for inspiration. Shang-Chun Tai designed the Taiwanese style spices to literally add more spice to the life of the consumer. Each of the four flavors has a specific and intricate design to set it apart.

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“With realistic watercolor style, Xiang Ye Diao represents the spirit of modern women lifestyle. This is a brand which has four traditional Taiwan flavors, Makao, Anise, Turmeric and Clove. In order to distinguish itself from most of spices packagings on the market, I have used ‘Chinese style’ calligraphy and ‘warm colors’ flowers painting to represent the visual of the packaging. The special box side design represents the effect that the products are lifted up by flowers.”

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A variety of colors are utilized, from fiery reds and burnt oranges to deep blues and royal purples. The stark contrast of the white background allows the fine details of each illustration to stand out. It feels like each package has a life all its own.

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Birds and flowers served as the main inspiration for the images, and with the open, white space it almost seems like one is looking up to catch a glimpse of this beautiful scene in nature. Each spice container has a red cap, which even further brings out the red in the drawings. By highlighting this beautiful scenery, it is clear that Xiang Ye Diao is not meant for average kitchen use — it is intended to heighten the cooking experience.

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Designed by Shang-Chun Tai

Country: Taiwan