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10 Questions With: mousegraphics

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/06/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Happy Monday! We at the Dieline got a chance to talk to mousegraphics, winners of Studio of the Year at The Dieline Awards 2015, and ask them our burning 10 questions. 

1. Congratulations on winning Studio of the year at The Dieline Awards! There were a number of wonderful designs this year. What, in your opinion, sets apart a good design from a great one?

Chance. In the form of taste. And time. For the final decision.


2. What is mousegraphics' design philosophy?

Truth is More


3. What is your design process?

Informed intuition to start. Trial and error to follow. Success in practice to wrap things up.


4. What makes mousegraphics unique from other design studios?

Greek daimons (Socrates's word for inspiration)- International spirit - Killer looks - Impecable instincts


5. Where do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration finds us


6. How do you find the harmony between creativity and commerciality?

There can never be such harmony. "Strife is justice" after all, as the philosopher says


7. What types of projects excite you the most? Is there a particular quality they all have in common?

Projects which allow freedom to do. A leap of faith on behalf of the client. And time to explore and enjoy this freedom to the point of an exceptional 

new design.


8.What can clients expect when working with you?

Truth as More


9. What are the biggest challenges you encounter as a designer, and how do you overcome them?

To work is a challenge in any and every case. One has to overcome one's bad or lazy self and bypass all kinds of problems with others. Design demands that you also do all that with grace and style


10. What is your most valuable advice to an aspiring designer?

" in the question" as Rainer Maria Rilke has already advised a young poet.