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Thomas Dakin Gin

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/03/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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There’s a new small-batch gin in Manchester. The new gin was named to honor Thomas Dakin, a young gin innovator who founded the world’s oldest gin distillery back in the 18th century, and Here Design took inspiration from that time to create the packaging for the spirit.

David Hume from Thomas Dakin Distillers states, “Today we are launching a great tasting classic style gin with a twist and taking inspiration from Thomas Dakin, a young entrepreneur from 18th century northern England whose inventive and enlightened outlook paved the way for gin as we know it today. We are delighted to be launching in Manchester as this is where we will build a new distillery to distil Thomas Dakin Gin.”

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Joanne Moore, master distiller, adds, “We have created a delicious small batch gin which is juniper-led, with sweet orange and citrus notes on the palate and a smooth, savoury finish thanks to the cubebs and red cole.”

Here had noticed that there were no primarily red gin labels, and the color seemed to be an integral part of the drink. Red cole (known as horseradish) is a unique ingredient used to make it, and the buildings of Manchester and the industrial North are built from red bricks. Creating a red label on a rectangular brick-shaped bottle took these elements that are a part of the gin and made them a part of the packaging, giving the design direction.

Thomas Dakin Gin’s label includes plentiful messaging and multiple typefaces, characteristic of other spirits from that time period. It’s presented as a premium spirit with clear influence from a specific time period, giving the buyers the chance to experience a drink with a rich history. A neck tag includes additional information and the cap has a Thomas Dakin monogram and natural cork, further elevating the brand.

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Designed by: Here Design

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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