London Crisp Co.

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/03/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Few things pair better with a cold beer than some deliciously salty, crispy potato chips. B&B Studio took this idea to create the packaging for the London Crisp Co., intending for these chips to be found in pubs around London. With that goal in mind, the design combines a contemporary collage with the classic potato chip flavors for a lively, urban take on pub food.

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Each bag features small elements or locations that indicate its British roots, from the architecture of the British Empire to more stereotypical things, like umbrellas and rain. Blending architectural and historical events and places with quirky drawings makes London Crisp Co. bags instant conversation starters. They’re flashy, funny, and proudly British.

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With tasty options like sea salt and sweet chili, each flavor has a main color and highlight to go with it. The remainder of the packaging is black and white, allowing the bright hues to be the initial distinguishing factor for each bag. However, upon closer inspection, every flavor’s packaging is a small piece of art. Across the line, one can see the past and present of London, various typefaces (serif, sans serif, and even hand-drawn), blocks of color, detailed drawings, and even the appearance of different textures. A perfect snack to go with a brew in London, these chips look urban and modern, easily appealing to a young, forward-thinking crowd.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by B&B Studio

Country: United Kingdom

City: London


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