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The Kitchen - Whole Foods

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/28/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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For those days when you want to have a fresh, hot meal with wholesome ingredients but don’t want to step foot inside your kitchen, there’s The Kitchen at Whole Foods. San Francisco based studios Moniker SF and Rubber Design Co. teamed up to create an identity that would take this to-go food to a whole new level.

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“The Kitchen is the prepared-foods division of Whole Foods Market. Moniker teamed up with San Francisco-based Rubber Design to create a visual identity system that spanned everything from identity and packaging to custom illustration and signage. A set of illustrated icons were created to identify different meals, as well as provide a textural element to tie together marketing and promotional materials.”

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The Kitchen at Whole Foods is an extension of the fresh market offerings of the grocery store chain, but instead of grabbing the ingredients to make a meal, you simply grab the meal itself. “Good to Go” and “Honest to Goodness” grace posters and other materials, emphasizing the freshness and high quality. Images like chickens, grapes, and corn cobs take the large company and make it feel more local, like a small corner store in your neighborhood or a one-of-a-kind market on a main street.

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Although The Kitchen has a small-town vibe, the clean and purposeful design emphasizes the premium quality of the ingredients. By using simple fonts and sticking to certain select images, the brand speaks without having to actually say much, gaining recognition and respect.

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Designed by Moniker SF and Rubber Design Co.

Country: United States

City: San Francisco