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CHOMP - Food Chain Puzzle Books

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/28/2015 | 4 Minute Read

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Take a look at these clever puzzles that educate and entertain. CHOMP is a small library of puzzle books that help to teach children about the food chain. Mirim Seo broke CHOMP up into five different environments that all pack away neatly next to each other in a small, wooden case.

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“Chomp puzzle books are designed to teach kids about basic food chains. Each puzzle introduces a different level of a food chain in its environment; Forest, Ocean, Arctic, Jungle, and Desert. All food chains include, producers, consumers, and decomposers and each plays a role in the chain. When completed, the puzzle shows the eating process.”

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Each book opens up and lists information about the environment and the animals, while one side is dedicated to the puzzle itself. The food chain starts with the basics, like mushrooms for example, and slowly it works its way around to larger predators, like bears. Each piece fits into the next, making a small circle of life. Without being too graphic or too cutesy, the puzzle is enjoyable, rewarding, and will also help kids learn.

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On the spine of each book is one letter from the word “chomp,” and the colors for each location tie into their environment and climate. A small case holds all five of the books, and it is made from the same wood that the puzzle pieces are made of. Since puzzles can sometimes be messy, with loose pieces scattered about, this will aid in keeping the toy safe and stored away when not in use.

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Designed by Mirim Seo

Country: United States

City: Philadelphia, PA

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