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Sweethearts Mints

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/27/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

The Sweethearts brand is officially ventured into the everyday, non-seasonal market. Looking to compete in the Mint category, we created an upscale tin design marketing toward the female demographic to help extend our brand outside of Valentine’s day. It is currently the thinnest tin on the market and fits easily in a purse or pocket. In keeping with our famous Sweethearts brand, these mints are a micro version of our iconic heart-shaped candies. Each tin comes with an inspirational paper insert quote and a mirror inside the lid. A tagline around the side of the tin calls out "Confident | Fresh | Breath". 

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Our vision aimed for a rich, hi-contrast color pallet with tones of black as our key player. This pushed the upscale look while still hitting bright “minty” colors for instant shelf recognition. This was a large undertaking—over 10 different versions of this tin were created before the final was chosen! Some additional concept versions can be seen below.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Director of Marketing: Alyssa Hills Printer: Berlin Packaging Photographer: Tony Scarpetta  

Designed by Geoff Bloom | Gigawatt Graphics

Client: NECCO

Country: United State