Purssells London Coffee

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/23/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Today marks the official launch of London’s latest specialty coffee brand, Purssells London, created by Underscore. The London coffee market is a bustling scene of big corporations with mass blends and bearded hipster baristas with specialty beans. 

Determined to change this, Founder of Purssells London, Chris Jennings, tasked Underscore with bringing his vision to life. He sought to engage the premium professional market by leveraging a quality story from the 19th Century London coffee houses - particularly Purssell’s Cornhill - where the business took its inspiration from as a name. We were inspired by the halcyon days of the pioneering Victorian coffee houses, where the world’s greatest minds would play chess and debate issues over coffee. These melting pots of creativity and innovation helped shape the modern world, and it drew us to the idea of “The Original Tastemakers”. 

Our brand story by definition meant ‘a person who decides or influences what is or will become fashionable’ and perfectly represented the influential patrons of the past, the professional Purssells customers of the present and the changing nature of the bespoke product offering. While creating the brand our aim was to create a contemporary yet timeless appearance. Considered use of elegant and refined font families, combine with a soft colour palette to elevate the brand to appeal to a premium-minded consumer who appreciates the nuances of real coffee. The design approach was one of clarity to ensure the hierarchy of product information and brand story shone out. These design aesthetics have been applied to all elements of the brand from packaging through to an e-commerce website. To compliment the brand we introduced a timeless illustration style to enhance specific content. This allows the brand to adopt an organic, humanistic quality, adding a richer and engaging aspect to the brand. The same creativity, innovation and thirst for originality that drove these men and women now characterises Purssells and their customers. The brand we created reflects the deep sense of heritage of these ‘original tastemakers’ and Purssells is now rolling out across the UK market and international market. 

Designer: Chris Noone 

Strategist & Copywriter: Rachael Bradley 

Head of Design: Tom Smith 

Designed by Underscore

Client: Chris Jennings 

Country; United Kingdom


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