Boytjie Braai Sauce™

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/21/2015 | 4 Minute Read

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For flavorful, bold barbecue sauces, look no further — Boytjie Braai Sauce™ has all the bases covered, from a tangy lemon and herb marinade to a zesty peri peri sauce. Malinco Foods (Pty) Ltd. designed the packaging for this unique line of BBQ sauces that come straight from South Africa. They contain no added MSG, flavorants, artificial sweeteners, or harmful azo dye colorants. Boytjie Braai Sauce™ has a production that uses only local manufacturers and suppliers, and “from the packaging to what’s inside, it’s all home-grown and very South African.”

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“Being a proudly South African company they took to Boytjie like a match to Blitz. We’re not here to tinker with the braai sauce category, Boytjie Braai Sauce™ is here to set it ablaze! It’s a groundbreaking range and the packaging had to communicate this on multiple levels. It has to resonate with our local market and also stand proud on the shelves of retailers overseas.”

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“There's definitely a trend to use food photography in this category and because we hate the idea of blending in we decided to go with bright, bold and beautifully crafted typography. Braaing (BBQing) is a very hands on and creative experience and we like to think the handcrafted labels echo these similarities.”

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The line of barbecue sauces has a unifying design, each with their own special graphic elements, text, and colors. A juicy lemon and is on the front of the lemon and herb marinade with yellow-green text, and tile designs on the Moroccan marinade with purple lettering, for example. The font is a unique, serif font, looking almost hand-drawn, which gives the impression that these sauces pack a lot of personality and truly add to a meal. On the side of each container is a small blurb about each flavor, written in the chosen variety’s color and white. Small lines, arrows, and curlicues add to this, making it feel fun and modern.

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Designed by Malinco Foods (Pty) Ltd.

Country: South Africa

City: Cape Town

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